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Shaanxi Yi Cong Software Co., Ltd. gathers high-level technical elites in software development and Internet for many years. IT is an IT technical service enterprise engaged in software/system development, wechat, mobile app and website construction and development。Relying on strong technical force, rich experience in project planning and perfect operation mode, Yi Cong service direction is accurately positioned as the most powerful software company。

Classic case

Software/system development cases
Railway Public security Bureau security joint defense system
Railway safety hidden danger management system
Vehicle management office business management system
Mobile micro-station /app development case
app enterprise OA office system
app wins Diabetes Network
Train your Dragon wap enterprise website

Wechat development case
Nanning cake online booking system
Wechat Baxter doughnut
Maria Maternity Hospital System
Website construction case
Lanzhou victory diabetes network
Bilingual Nagqu comprehensive information network of Tibet
Singapore 3d engraving online ordering website

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Shaanxi Yi Cong Software Information Technology Co., LTD
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