Creating the future stars of the patent agency industry: 5 suggestions for the development of new patent agencies

According to the State Intellectual Property OfficePatent agencyThe public service platform shows a total of as of 2022Patent agency3,248, more than half of the patent agencies are still "new"。The author inquired the national patent agency list and found that nearly 50% of the patent agencies with the status of "revoked, listed in the abnormal business list, and ordered to suspend business" were established within 5 years or less, which shows that patent agencies are facing no small development challenges within 5 years of establishment。From the perspective of the newly established patent agency itself, the challenges mainly come from the lack of risk awareness, the profit is squeezed by the price war, the flow of patent agents, the single business, the lack of customer sources and so on。In the face of challenges and opportunities, new patent agencies can only achieve better development by constantly evolving themselves。
Patent agency
Here, the author will discuss the development of the new patent agency based on years of development experience。

First, strengthen the internal construction of patent agencies

At the beginning of the establishment of patent agencies, internal management confusion may occur due to the absence of business process management mechanisms, incentive mechanisms for patent agents, and clear accountability mechanisms. Patent agencies need to strengthen internal management as soon as possible to create a prerequisite for healthy development。

Newly established patent agencies often have weak risk awareness and will be affected by some unexpected business risks, so it is particularly important to improve anti-risk ability。The newly established patent agency may cause losses to customers due to the inability of personnel flow to complete effective business handover, such as failure to handle patent rights recovery, business or process management confusion resulting in non-performance of contracts;Another example is that the patent is rejected without timely notification to the customer, resulting in the inability to apply for patent review。The patent agency can arrange special personnel to be responsible for risk control, process control, etc., and can also set up corresponding departments if conditions permit。

At the beginning of the establishment of a new patent agency, the development of business is the first thing, which may neglect the internal case management, which often needs to spend a lot of manpower to re-organize in the later period。New patent agencies should be able to introduce industry-common management tools at an early stage to improve case management efficiency。

2. Ensure the stability of personnel and improve the quality of service

The work of patent agency is almost completed by people, so ensuring the stability of personnel in the early stage of establishment is the key to improving the quality of service。Many patent agencies cannot form competitive advantages in the early stage of establishment, and there will be pressure to expand business types and expand customers, which is likely to fall into a vicious circle of price wars, resulting in squeezed profits。Patent agents are usually paid on a piece-by-piece basis, and if the patent agents are not satisfied with the salary, it may cause staff turnover。The work cycle of patent agents is long, and it takes about 2-3 years for an invention patent to be authorized from application to authorization, and there are replies to review opinions in the middle, and there may even be review procedures。If the agency has a high turnover rate, it may causePatent applicationThe interruption of subsequent procedures, and even the absence of people in a certain technical area。Therefore, the new patent agency should establish a talent training system as soon as possible, in addition to the compensation system, so that patent agents who are willing to enter the small team can grow faster and increase the recognition of the institution。

Third, improve patent quality, pay attention to customer satisfaction

First, improvePatent writingQuality, second, pay attention to customer satisfaction。The quality of the patent is largely determined by the level of the patent agent, including the writing of technical disclosure, patent application documents, review comments and so on。Only in the actual work to constantly hone and improve, there is no shortcut to go。Qualified patent agencies can establish an old and new reward system to speed up the growth of patent agents while ensuring patent quality。

Fourth, create a differentiated competitive strategy

When a new patent agency cannot compete head-on, it is a good choice to create a differentiated competitive strategy。Like many subdivision industry leaders, patent patent agencies can choose a subdivision of the track when the comprehensive strength is insufficient, cultivate the ability to arm wrestle with the big, many large institutions are gradually developed in this way。The brand formation of patent agencies and the popularity of key customers in their own industries will obviously improve the industry status of patent agencies and help patent agencies to obtain clients and attract talents。

五.Diversify business

Many patent agencies have a single service, mainly dealing with patent applications。When patent agencies develop vertically in a certain field, they should also pay more attention to the development dynamics of the industry, seize new opportunities, and expand new business lines in a timely manner。

In general, from the rise of the patent agency industry to the present, the policy environment is changing, the legal environment is changing, the economic environment is changing, the entire industry has always been in rapid development, full of challenges, but also full of opportunities。Patent agencies should not only work hard, but also cultivate internal skills
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